CAD Design

CAD Design

Every idea must be translated into a project. In our industry it is a CAD project, i.e. digitally designed part, detail, assembly.

During the design process it is easy to predict and correct some of the aspects assumed earlier in the idea phase. Of course, sometimes there is a restoration work based on reverse engineering (point cloud, *.stl, *.vol. files) or measurements with measuring instruments.

However, a properly executed 3D design of the detail, later translates into a properly executed toolpath and the implementation of the appropriate technology and properly created NC Code.

CNC MOLD - will design for you any part, form, assembly in any technology that you propose.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering - a process that aims to reconstruct a part from another previously scanned part. On the basis of 3D scans we are able to build a typically technical CAD block and deliver it in neutral STEP, XT, IGES format.

Relief projects

Relief projects - bas-reliefs that we can make from photos, bitmaps, raster projects, vector projects or popular vector files *.dxf, *.dwg. The result of works can be occasional medals, 3D business cards, 3D textures on any surface solid element.

Designs of solids based on 2D flat documentation

Designs of solids, assemblies based on 2D flat documentation, *.pdf file or ordinary paper documentation. Transferring such a project to a file with a 3D model will allow us to make a CAM technology and make a model in any technology in your company or in our tool shop.

Repair of damaged solid files

Repair of damaged solid files - when after opening a solid in your software you have a problem with making a detail, because there are no walls, no radii, the surfaces are badly cut. You can easily ask us to repair the solids. The tests will disappear and you will be able to continue working freely.

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