Do you want to buy a machine tool, CAD CAM program, cutting tools for your tool shop, production plant? We can help you with the optimal choice.

You start a new project, you don't know where to start. There are many manufacturers of machines, software, vendors of tools for machine tools. We will help you choose the one that best suits your production profile as well as your financial capabilities.

Don't you have a qualified staff that can handle new tasks? Don't worry, we will train and implement your CAD, CAM software in your company. We will train you from the driver of a newly purchased machine as well as an older one. We will configure the post-processor to be safe in the execution of the NC Code by your CNC machine tool, we will pass on a personalized KNOW HOW for the selected employees.

CNCMOLD - will help you save a lot of time and money in optimal shopping and implementation choices for your company.

Consulting in the selection of the machine

Consulting in the selection of the machine, type of control, additional functions in the machine offered by the manufacturers. At this stage there are most often misunderstandings and ill-considered expenses.

Consulting in the selection of CAD Software

Consulting in the choice of CAD design software or CAM machining technology. There are many programs for computer-aided production with different possibilities, we will help you to choose the optimum one.

CAD / CAMM Programming training

CAD CAM training. Often after the training provided by the manufacturer (reseller), a trained person is not able to find himself in the working environment. We will train and explain the action. You have a new employee - you need to implement it quickly. CNC MOLD will take care of it and implement it.

CNC Machine Training

Training in CNC machine tool operation and control. Do you have a problem with the operation of your new machine? The manufacturer provided basic knowledge, but you do not know what to press and in what order. We will guide and teach you or your employee how to correctly set the tools, base, choose the appropriate NC program.

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